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Mozilla FireFox now Support Watching of YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been a pretty awesome product so far, but its expansion to new platforms has been relatively slow.


Recently, Google finally loosened its browser restriction on the service, allowing Firefox users to get in on the fun.

However, as Firefox has gotten better with the introduction of “Quantum” in recent months, many have been making the switch.

Recently, Google quietly opened up the option to use YouTube TV with Firefox, and the company’s support parts have already been updated to reflect that (via YourTechExplained).

There’s no clear mention of which version of Firefox you’ll need to be on to use this, but updating to the latest version seems to make everything work properly.


How to Watch YouTube TV With Firefox
If you’re a Firefox user who’s been wanting to check out YouTube TV, the functionality issued live now. Simply ensure you’re on the latest version, and head over to